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Exo 32:1, “And when the people saw that Moses delayed to come down out of the mount, the people gathered themselves together unto Aaron, and said unto him, Up, make us gods, which shall go before us; for as for this Moses, the man that brought us up out of the land of Egypt, we [know] not what is become of him.”

“Hence we may understand that hypocrites so fear God as that religion vanishes from their hearts, unless there be some task-master (exactor) standing by them to keep them in the path of duty.”

-John Calvin



Well, apparently evolution has failed to make us invincible behind the wheel. So humans have retooled themsellves to give Darwinism a little boost. This better (?) human being is able to roll with rolls, to bob and weave with head-ons. Only, I think there’s one design flaw. This better human cannot procreate because he is so repulsive.

I’ll stick with Intelligent Design. God makes perfect humans – able to build vehicles, make them safer, find romance, and perpetuate the race. No accident!

hand-sky-monument-swim-statue-finger-symbol-gesture-blue-close-up-sculpture-art-bronze-characters-kaiserstuhl-bocce-486083“Con nuestro cuerpo vemos, hablamos, andamos, descendemos, escalamos, y mucho mas.  Y en la Sagrada Escritura, todas estas funciones, y muchas mas, son atribuidas no solo a nuestro Dios, pero son atribuidas en terminos de los mismos sentidos y miembros del cuerpo que nosotros usamos por ellas.  Dios tambien oye con su oido, ve con su ojo, anda con sus pies, golpea con su mano, salva con su brazo, seala con su dedo, siente con su corazon, muestra ira en su cara, y tanto mas.  De todas estas expresiones y manifestaciones de vida en Dios, una estampa ha sido puesta en el hombre, y esta estampa se expresa por medio de los miembros y sentidos del cuerpo.  Y por lo tanto so se vale decir que nuestro cuerpo no tiene nada que ver con la imagen de Dios.”

-Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920)

study-of-arms-and-hands“With our body we see, we speak, we walk, we descend, we climb, and so much more.  And in the Holy Scripture, all these functions, and so many more, are ascribed not only to our God, but they are ascribed in terms of the same senses and members of the body that we use for them. God also hears with his ear, sees with his eye, walks with his feet, strikes with his hand, saves with his arm, points with his finger, feels with his heart, moans in his inner parts, shows wrath in his face, and so much more. Of all these expressions and manifestations of life in God, an imprint has been put in man, and this imprint expresses itself through the members and senses of the body. And for this reason it won’t do to say that our body as such has nothing to do with the image of God.”

-Abraham Kuyper, Common Grace, 1:187

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