Over the last number of weeks and months, the American people have been repeatedly warned of the consequences of Congress’ failure to raise the debt ceiling.  Many prognosticate that the consequences would be catastrophic for the economy, the initial portent being the loss of our prized AAA credit rating

But while everyone gets the jitters over the verdict of Standard & Poor’s, it is not their decision that is to be feared.  Nor is it the Chinese government, who has for so long banked on the credibility of the U.S. economic machine.  The U.S. is fast losing credit with God.  Our fiscal profligacy is but a symptom of our deeper irreligion and but one of many heads in our hydra of moral decadence.  How long can we party before God pulls the plug?   It very well may be a total economic collapse.  But that will be only the beginning of birthpangs. 

We must hear heaven’s alarm within these omens.  And we must repent and humble ourselves before the Most High.  For against Him, Him only, have we sinned, and done this evil in His sight.