Reformed Youth & Young Adult Weekend in S. Jersey

Twice per year, our congregation in Corbin City, New Jersey hosts a free retreat for youth and young adults (teens through twenties+). Our last one was March 11 & 12, 2023, and our theme was “Caught in the Middle: Facts, Feelings, and the Christian.” RYYA weekends are a very special time of fun, fellowship, and worship. There is ample accommodation, but anyone interested should secure a place as soon as possible. Here are posts from previous RYYA weekends:

October 2021; February 2022; August 2022 & here, & here; and March 2023

For more information, drop a note to me, mjives dot refparish at gmail dot com. We would love to have you!

Author: westportexperiment

I am a minister serving Presbyterian Reformed Church of Rhode Island, with strong interest in the history, theory, and contemporary application of parochial church extension.

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